About us

Azul Singular is our own version of Paradise which we want to share with those who enjoy a Nature retreat with ecological motivation and without renouncing to comfort.

Azul Singular arose from an ideal that little by little was built with endeavor, love for the beauty in things and in Nature.

In this place, each and every corner is alive. One can’t miss all the tones of green in this unique plantation of ornamental trees that create a tropical scene.

Having remained untouched for approximately 30 years the vegetation, characteristic for its different types of palm trees, has grown vigorously among wild fern, flowers and bushes. Being the permanent or temporary home to many birds, this is the place to observe and listen to the voice of blackbirds, sparrows, red-throats, chaffinches, black-Kites and luckily some nesting owls.

Our lodging are hybrid tents that were thought out and built from scratch for this Project and deployed so as to be well-integrated in this very special context. Wood and textiles were the primary choices of materials, put together harmoniously in structures such as the wide windows that allow the outdoor scene touch the cozy indoors. And if you which to reach out you can always open up entire walls.

The Yurts have their very own and unique charm. It is possible to peek at the stars through the glass dome during clear sky nights, from your own bed.

You can relax and unwind, hang out, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while reading a book in our charming glass house or on the terrace.

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